Grimm's Household Fairy Tales

Grimm's Household Fairy Tales (Kinder- und Hausmarchen), translated by Ella Boldey, illustrated by Richard Andre and published by McLoughlin Brothers, New York, in 1891 brings an incomplete yet relatively large selection of more or less known fairy tales written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. We present the books by all the titles (as they are ordered in the book), all illustrations and a few notes where it seemed appropriate.

This is just one of many collections by Brothers Grimm in the English language, not the best or the worst, not particularly valuable among the collectors yet still an important piece in the mosaic of the history of children's literature.

Have fun with Richard Andre's pen and ink illustrations.

The frog prince and faithful Henry

This is the version with several sisters. The youngest lost the ball, gave the promise to the frog, forgot about it, but is forced to keep her royal word by her father. This eventually leads to the transformation of the frog into a handsome prince, accompanied by his faithful servant Henry.

The cat and the mouse in partnership

The cat and the mouse lived together and saved a jar of lard for winter. The cat couldn't help but eat it. When mouse realized that, the cat ate the mouse too. This should teach you the way of the world.

The fairy queen and the woodcutter's child

It's a moral tale with elements from The Bluebeard and Six Swans. The girl who didn't obey the fairy queen's command about not opening the forbidden door denies to confess and is punished with a loss of voice, three kids and almost her life too. When she repents and confesses her sins all is forgotten.

The cock, the scythe, and the cat

A father of three sons on his death bed gave each one of them the only possessions he had: a cock, a scythe, and a cat. He said they all can bring them a lot of money if they will be used in the right places. So the first son found a place where they had a problem with waking up in the morning but never heard of a cock. The second found a country where they shoot ripe grain with cannons and were delighted how better is a scythe. Finally, the third son found an island where they had loads of mice and no cats. All sons made fortunes.

"If I could only learn to shudder."

There was a boy who wanted to learn how to shudder. He faced all kind of dangers, gaining a princess for his wife on the way, yet he couldn't learn how to shudder. Then one night his wife three cold water with little fish in it over him when he was asleep. That taught him how to shudder.

Cunning Grethel

Grethel prepared two fowls for her master and his visitors but the visitor was late. When master went out to find him, she drunk some wine, tried fowls and eventually ate both. Master returned, said that the guest will arrive any moment and started sharpening the knife. Grethel opened the doors and said to the visitor he should run because her master wants to cut his ears off. When he escaped, she said to her master the visitor took both fowls and ran away.

The wolf and the seven little kids

Mother goat often left her seven kids alone, always warning them about the wolf. But wolf managed to trick them and ate all but one. Fortunately, he fell asleep when mother returned. She opened his stomach with scissors, saved the kids, loaded wolf's stomach with stones and later he fell into a spring where he drowned.

The goose girl

A princess left her castle to marry a prince in an arranged marriage. A servant accompanied her but betrayed her. They switched places and the princess had to promise she will tell nobody about her real origin.

While the prince didn't notice a difference, the king became suspicious when he heard about strange things happening around the false servant (true princess) who became a goose girl on the castle of her husband-to-be.

He understood she could tell nobody what's going on, so he convinced her to tell the iron stove. By secretly to listening to her story he found who is the real princess and real servant.

Faithful John

A good bargain

The angel guest

The wonderful fiddler

A lot of rogues

The magic windows

The twelve brothers

The enchanted fawn

The golden goose

The death of the hen

Hansel and Gretel

Snow-White and Rose-Red

The hare and the hedgehog

Rapunzel, or the maid with the golden hair

The peasant's clever daughter

The dancing shoes

The three little men in the woods

The tailor and the bear

The wishing gift

The three snake leaves

The imp in the bottle

One good turn deserves another


The straw, the coal, and the bean

The wonderful cabbage

The brave little tailor, or Seven at one stroke

One-eye, two-eyes, and three-eyes

The fisherman and his wife

A fisherman caught a fish and didn't kill it. In return, the fish promised to fulfill any wish he wanted. Well, he didn't want much but his wife did. She wasn't satisfied when she became a queen, she wasn't satisfied when she became a pope, so eventually, she became poor fisherman's wife again.

The fox and the cat


The raven

The riddle

Doctor Know-all

The house in the woods

The mouse, the bird, and the sausage

The greedy goldsmith's reward

Dame Frost

The seven crows

Little red-cap

Princess Maleen

The town musicians of Bremen

The Miller boy and the kitten

The bear and the wren

The three golden hairs

The singing bone

Six wonderful travelers

The wolf and the man

The ant and the flea

The maiden without hands

Brother Jolly

The three languages

Clever Alice

The three wishing gifts


The iron chest

The wedding of Mrs. Fox

The skillful hunter

Dr. Korbes

The sparrow and her four ones

The shrewd farmer

The magic mirror

We know this fairy tale mostly by the title The Snow White or The Snow Drop, sometimes by longer title Snow White and seven dwarfs.

Laziness and industry

What the fairies do

The count's reward

The three spinners

The enchanted tree

The robber bridegroom

The fox and the horse

The strange god-father

Star dollars

Old Sultan

The king of birds

Briar rose

The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle

The old grandfather and the child

Birdie, the foundling

The prince who was not afraid

King Thrush-beard

The knapsack, the hat, and the horn

The three tasks

The golden bird

The crystal ball

Little brittle legs

The bewitched flower

The lamb and the fish

The three feathers

The twin brothers

The fairy of the mill-pond

The queen-bee

A princess in disguise

The twelve huntsmen

Yorinda and Yoringel